About Surfing 4 the Troops and You!

Surfing 4 the Troops is an idea from none other than Justin and Marie Perrelet. Marie’s Dad, Rick Leamy, was a Vietnam Vet and they want to do something to Memorialize Rick and the many other Veterans that a lot of us know in person or have met in the many chat rooms and webinars on the Internet. You will read stories, articles, and see videos here about those guys and gals that we all hold so dearly in our hearts and minds. As we all began to realize since 911, there have been over 5 million young guys and gals who decided that they wanted to make a difference in a very dangerous world. We will never attempt to be political in any way or show support for nor against any war, Just Simply Recognize the Courage and Dedication that these Heroes have Committed to.


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