What Can You Do?

Well, first of all; following this Blog is a step in the right direction and also helping us spread the good word about this idea. Many of the people who will contribute to this site will be former military or family and friends. Some of us are either Vietnam Vets or have family and friends who served during that time period. We very simply say to the Vietnam Vets, “Thanks Hero and Welcome Home!” If you are not old enough to remember the days back in the 60’s and early 70’s and how the Vietnam Vets were treated, please ask some one or just Google it. The Gang at Surfing 4 the Troops, wanted to make sure that not only those guys and gals but those since and today received the proper recognition and appreciation that they so richly deserve. So, please pass this site on to your friends, family, business associates, twitter followers, and face book followers. Nothing will ever be more gratifying to you than to see the reaction from an active duty person or a Vet than just knowing there are those of us who do realize the sacrifice they made and the friends and families of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. You see, those of us who support this Great Cause know deep down in our hearts that Freedom is Never Free and Never Will Be. We thank you and salute you for taking this idea as serious as we do. God Bless!


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